Chapter 1: The Trail

Part 1:


Date: Dec 2nd – 3rd, Sunday – Monday, 1984

Location: UCIL plant, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Time: 7:18PM

Refinery Supervisors were checking the E610 tank and other pipelines and outlets as the pressure of tanks were imbalanced.

Worker1: ” Hey Abbaz, I heard that you are about to get married ?. When are you planning to give party to us ?..”

Abbaz: “Haha..I’m just getting married, but Balram is about to get promotion, he is the one who should give party first

Balram: “Abbaz… whatever it is, i am going to pay my daughter’s school fees first and will buy saadi for my wife. After what is available i will spend on you guys, is that ok ?..

Abbaz: “No need baba, come lets go to canteen and just pay our bill for today..that will be enough

Balram: “Sure baba..come lets go

Time: 10:30PM

Abbaz and Balram are working at MIC section. They are busy with thier daily work. Two Refinery employees came there for daily visit and started to check the readings. They observed that the temperature of E610 tank is increasing.

Employee1: “We have to repair this section as soon as possible, now this meter is malfunctioning

Employee2: “I think we should report this to Supervisors

Meanwhile, Abbaz heard saw some cracks on the concrete slab as it started to open up.

Abbaz: “Sir, the concrete slb is about to crack..” he shouted.

Employee2: “Everyone find out where is it leaking…”

Everyone started to work and fixed by 12:45 a.m.
Bhopal’s superintendent of police was informed by telephone, by a town inspector, that residents of the neighbourhood of Chola (about 2 km from the plant) were fleeing a gas leak at approximately 1 a.m.
The MIC gas leak emanating from tank E610 petered out at approximately 2:00 a.m. But, the damage was already done.

Date: June 23rd, Sunday, 1985.

Location: Somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean.

Time: 7:50AM

Air India flight 182 which is carrying 329 passengers is flying above the waves of Atlantic is enroute from Toronto to London, continuing travelling from Montreal(routine halt) to Mumbai. The passengers were asleep as the sun is rising from waters.

Piolt 1: “Dear passengers, we are about to land in 45 minutes”.

Piolt 2: “Reaching altitude of 3000 and….moving…😎“.

Command Center:

It’s a usual busy day at Mumbai command centre especially the air traffic control wing.

Meanwhile a person who is about to sit at control panel B4 has stopped and stared at the radar ambiguously.

Person: “Sir, i have lost the contact with flight 182, Boeing 747-237B..!!”.

An Air Traffic Controller who was nearby went to him.

ATC: “Restart the system and check again”.

Date: June 24th, Monday, 1985.


Kaliyuga Charitra (History of the Present)

​​​​Chapter 14:  The conclusion

Meanwhile the prince had started to expand his size. 
Ram: Hurry up…we should pass through him..

They started to pass the lava by walking on the prince. 

Krishna: We’ll try to stop go inside…quick…

Ram opened the door. The prince had stopped moving..krishna, krithi and agastya turned towards the door. It was just dark…and the sound of water was heard.The moment when ram had entered, he lost his control. The prince shouted and throwed the lava at agastya. Agastya fell dead, krithi and Krishna started to run around.. They saw a hole at the corner top and climbed towards it. The prince took the lava, then suddenly a spark of blue light appeared from the prince and started to shatter his body. The light went inside the room where ram went. Krishna and krithi followed it. When they had entered the room, ram was naked bathing in a crater filled with water. Krithi and krishna tried to move forward but couldn’t, they stood still like a rock. Ram took his bath and started to move forward on invisible steps. Then a bright light appeared, ram started to chant mantras , krishna and krithi started to cry. But the light started to expand, ram had come out of trance. He realised what he was doing, krishna and krithi started to move. Ram got down, krithi and krishna had started to run. But the power had expanded, wiped them out. 

After sometime

Krithi is struggling to open her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she saw a roof tiles above her, found herself on bed. She got up and move towards the door and stunned. The house was above the mountain surrounded by the ocean. A group of people who are totally different having big head,large eyes, thin body, small nose started to rush towards her. 

                      The End.

KaliyugaKaliyuga Charitra (History of the Present)

​​​​Chapter 13: A catastrophe

Everyone inside the tunnel started to hear some sounds. 
Ram: Krishna is here…but what is coming with him.

Then suddenly Krishna appeared running towards them. 

Krishna(shouting):  The time had come..we must go inside….

Ram: What are you talking about?

Krishna reached them and said ” Ram…listen to me carefully…the world is going to end if she won’t perform the rituals…let me take her..please”.

Ram: What is that sound we are hearing..?

Krithi: There is no time….krishna take us…

Police officer: We are here to collect evidence… I will come with you… stay here..

Krishna held their hands up…and the door started yo open..he grabbed them and went through the door. As soon they entered…they started to fall down and landed in Agartha. The world was not what krishna have expected. It turned to be ruins everywhere.Then a short other kind of species came towards them in hurry. They claimed on them and injected a fluid right below the spinal chord. 

Species 1: Quick come with us..

Species 2: Do you understand?

Ram: Yes, how come you know our language?

Species 5: We have injected kampla which neutralizes your brain..

Species 1: There is no time to talk…come with us.

They took them beneath the walls of the ruins.The officer started to record in videocamera. Those species took them to some sort of prison. 

Krishna: There is the queen.what she is doing here?

The queen had greeted them and said that his son is found to be evil and started to consume the power.We had a war..but we lost against his army. He is trying to control the power and create his own worlds. We have been waiting for you for over a decade. Please stop him..otherwise the power destroys everything and the whole creation becomes null point. The qwandrs (short species) will help you to take there. Listening to this krithi went near her and asked ” What if we distract him and offer the rituals?”.

Queen: That is a good idea. Child we come with you..try to distract him..

She pointed her finger towards ram and said 

“He is the one..who offers the prayers”.

Everyone was shocked, especially ram.

Krishna: But, she is the one….

Queen(interrupted): No, he is the one…there is no time..just do what I say..and you’ll be guided by our priest.

The Queen had explained the plan and started to go with her wounded army to distract her son. They had reached the palace. The guards of the evil prince had informed their arrival to him. He at once alarmed his forces to get ready. The queen was standing with her army against him. Meanwhile the priest took ram,krishna,ktithi,agastya and the police officer to the temple where the power is present. Priest had asked one of them to guard the temple.Ram said that the officer would guard there.  

Meanwhile at the palace

Evil prince: Mother…such a long time to see you…how are you?..oh..wait.. I think it’s time to say good bye..

Suddenly the land started to tremble. Everyone surprised to the tremble as they had never experienced it before. The queen realised and laughed.

Queen: Its time you idiot…its time…

The prince have shocked..he immediately started to go towards the temple. The queen set her army to stop him. 

Meanwhile at the temple

They all have entered the temple, it was full of jewels,diamonds and other valuables. Agastya was astonished. 

Agastya: Finally…the treasure…

Krithi: there is no time for this…come on…

They entered the next room. The priest asked them to stay in that room. He took ram with him. Meanwhile the officers guarding the temple saw someone coming towards the temple. Then he realised that the whole army is marching towards him. He at once entered the temple locked the door..there he was astonished to see the treasure…he started to to move to the next room. He came to krishna and said that the price was coming. 

Priest: You all come with me..

Suddenly the door had opened. The evil Prince saw the priest.

Prince: you are humans..

He took his dagger and thorwed at the priest. They all were shocked. The priest fell down,ram kneeled down..the priest held ram’s hand and dead.

Prince: Now…how will you offer the rituals?..and you know what..I stabbed my mother with this dagger…I love this who should I kill first. 

Ram got up and said 

” You think you can control the power right…I believe that you fooled your men..its uncontrollable…”, ram stood in front of the army and shouted “Your king had lied to you all..he can’t even go near to the power”.

The prince took his sword and runs toward ram..then the officer stands against the prince..but failed..the prince had killed the officer. Then suddenly ram drags krithi,krishna and agastya to other room and locks the door. To thier surprise..there is no place to step on..the lava is on the path flowing. 

Agastya: How can we cross this?..

Ram: Step aside the door..

Krithi: What are you waiting for the prince to come?

Ram: He only can take us there..and he only can pass through this door..

Krishna: what are you saying..?

Meanwhile the doors have started to split apart. It was the prince who split the door with his bare hands. Ram who was right aside the door pulled the prince and pushed him in the lava. Everyone was shocked..

Krishna: What the hell are you doing..

The ground trembled again..this time very violently..the army ran out with fear. The evil prince raised from the lava.

Ram: The prince had consumed the power and can control it. He cannot be killed by the natural forces. 

Kaliyuga Charitra (History of the Present)

​​​Chapter 12: Agartha-the world beneath Earth.

It started to rain in the morning. Krishna was standing under the tree. Everyone was looking at him. 

Krishna: My grandfather refused my father to be arrogant person. My father was never good at anything. As a priest, he never behaved like one. When my grandfather was about to die, he said me what we are…and why we didn’t leave this village for generations. When the time had come for my grandfather to fulfill his destiny…he went to agartha the world in which the power of god lies. He was stunned by the King’s wealth..he wasn’t supposed to enter King’s palace without his permission. But what he did is so terrible.. one day he was drunk and sat on the kings throne and said that humans are only righteous people to rule agartha. King had got angry and ordered to punish him. Then my grandfather went near the king shouting at him…and pushed the king aside. The king fell on a lamp which had sharp tip which took the king’s life. He was so frightened what he did and started to run…people of agartha are very faithfull that the meant no harm to anyone. They let my grandfather go…but the queen was so angry that she cursed my grandfather that his heir is no more eligible to do rituals to the god. But he was so sorry for his mistake and pleaded her to lift up the curse.He said If the rituals are not performed then there would be the end of the world. She then said ” I’m giving you this script…this will be understood by the true heir of king Sri ranga deva…it is your duty to find their heir..and you will regret for what have you done for him and die’s a painful death”. My grandfather returned our earth. He kept silent for almost two years..When my grandmother had passed away..he cried for almost 2 months. A disease attacked him which had no father along with the villagers had abandoned him at the outskirts of our village. In his last days he made a call to us and gave me his book and said the whole story. The nature is beginning to show up. I have started to look for the heir…even my father don’t know what I’m doing…I made a digital copy of the script and published it on internet. Out of billions of people…only one had understood the meaning of this script apart from us. Its you krithi…to make sure its you…I let you read the book written by the king. You read each and every word perfectly.

Krithi: It is in Sanskrit… Any scholar can read it…

Krishna: You think what you read is in Sanskrit? is a language which is known to us krithi…it is in our blood.

Ram: Show us that script…

Krishna showed it to ram. Ram tried to read it..but he couldn’t. 

Ram: It is not any language to read.

Krithi: what…show me..

Ram gave it to krithi…

Krithi: I can read it..see it is clearly said that he who must be served to fulfill our destiny..

They all looked at each other. The. Agastya came there.

Agastya: What is going on here?

Krithi: So what should we do now krishna.

Krishna: you have to take us to agartha…

Ram: How can she know?

Krishna: Its in the book written by the king.

Agastya: I know where to go…

They all looked at agastya…

Agastya: Yes…I saw the entrance before I came here…I was in fear whether I could stuck in time when I enter that tunnel.

Ram: What krishna is saying may be true… There was a tsunami near north Korea and earthquake rating 8.9 in Brazil. 

Krithi: Ahhh…what is happening life was perfect before I met krishna…..what am I believing at…

Agastya: Trust me..I have gone through worse when I am down that tunnel. 

Krithi:’s the deal…the gateway should not be secret to this world anymore… We may find solutions to unsolved mysteries.. We may able to develop technology which protects us. 

Krishna: Sorry…I have no right to do anything like this….

Ram: Then we will take our action…

Krishna: I won’t allow you to do so…

The fight had started between the villagers and police. Finally villagers have surrendered. Krishna got beaten up so badly.Then they let agastya to guide them to the tunnel. They have started the journey to Agartha. They finally reached the entrance of the tunnel.

Agastya: See..this is the entrance. 

Krithi looked at it and tried to open the door.

Ram: You can’t krithi..there is one who can..

Agastya: Krishna?

Ram: He only can open the door, because he is the gatekeeper remember?

Agastya: Bring him to us..

The police sent their constables to bring krishna. After long time, they came to Ram and said that the whole village was vacating and is krishna is no where to be found.

Kaliyuga Charitra (History of the Present)

​​Chapter 11: Krishna is ksha ranga deva.

Agastya had found himself in Krishna’s village. The villagers had captured him and started to interrogate and torture him. By the time krithi and Krishna were walking out of the temple. Krithi saw Agastya and was shocked. She went near him asked Krishna to stop torturing agastya. Krishna had asked them to stop and said that agastya will leave this village by the morning. 
Krithi untied agstya and asked “How come you know about this place?..why are you here ?…

Agastya: Krithi…you are here?…where am I know?…I don’t understand..what is this place?…Is it our earth?

Krithi was shocked to hear his questions.

Krithi: What do you mean by our earth?

Krishna: I think he is hungry, let him eat first.

Krishna took krithi and agastya to his home and they had dinner. After dinner,krishna, krithi and agastya went out for a walk. There agastya told what he had experienced. Krithi was astonished and said that the king had experienced same as agastya. Krithi described the whole story written by king. Agastya was in a state of confusion. 

Agastya: Krithi…This project had led to Something unbelievable, the answer to our question. What are we? And why we are born?

Krishna: Okey, its getting dark..just sleep now. And agastya, you should go tomorrow.

Agastya: Okey, but how come krithi be here?

Krishna: we are going to marry agatya.

Agastya: So?

Krishna: She is a part of us now.

Agastya just noded and went along with krithi and krishna. Soon they fell asleep.

Next day

While krishna was asleep, he heard people’s shouting and he woke up. Krithi was asleep, but there is no sign of agastya. Krishna woke krithi and said to come with him. They both went out and saw the battalion of police surrounded the villagers. Krishna was suprisef to see Ram who was with some higher officials standing there under the tree.Ram noticed krishna and krithi standing far from the crowd. Ram went to them smiling at their faces.

Ram: How are you….krithi krishna..

Krishna(angrily): How dare you to enter our village?

Ram: Well krishna, I have to thank you a lot. Without you we cant achieve this.

Krishna (angrily): Just get out of here.

Ram: Okey, we will..we will. But you know..we have to enter the tunnel which leads to agartha. So I think we have to stay here for few days.

Krishna: That rascal agastya.. Where is he?

Ram: What? Agastya is here? Where is he?

Krishna: Shut up..where is he? That bastard had led to this…

Ram: Hey..hey…hold on…You think agastya reported us?… No krishna no…your sweet heart krithi had made her move.

Krishna was stunned…he had no word to say…he turned at krithi and made an eye contact.

Krithi: Krishna..I’m sorry…I have no alternative to this. I may enter this village like ram did.But you know..I don’t want your people to be hurt. So…

Listening to this krishna fell down. Krithi went to him and said ” Now come on show us the way ksha ranga“. Krishna cried a lot, he stood up and looked at ram. 

Krishna: Yes, I’m the King’s heir..

Krithi: It is no difficult to find who you are..

Krishna: May I know how did you get to know who I am?

Krithi: Krishna, you said your brother is an archeologist. He is an archeologist who is unknown to any of us?..Is it strange krishna..there i have doubted you..after…you are too intense to me to fell in love with you…what?…why?… So i have said this to ram..he have planned this and made me to love you..which i never did..and neither you did..right…and krishna..when you took me to your said your mother was mentally unstable…but guess what she and her husband had quarreled about money.!?..And when you took me beneath the temple, I saw your eagerness for me while reading the book. I first thought that you are looking for the treasure.. But when I saw king ksha ranga deva’s picture in the book..I got my strike a resemblance to him perfectly..then I confirmed you are his heir when I went through your grandfather’s diary while you are asleep, which your father gave me to give you…he is drunk at that time…

The silence had spread around. Krishna sat down on the ground. The villagers were looking at him anxiously. 

Krishna stood up and said

” I’m not your krishna…my name is ksha ranga deva great great grand son of king ksha ranga deva….we are the protectors of the world…My grandfather had made a mistake which led a curse..we cannot touch the book…nor enter the tunnel. But you its time for you to know..what is going on here…”.

Kaliyuga Charitra (History of the Present)

Chapter 10: World is not what we think of.

Agastya and his team were in state of confusion. Meanwhile the people who are working there starred at them. One of the worker kneeled at them and cried, the same was repeated by all the workers. Agastya had no idea what is going on. His student said to turn around and see where they are. Agastya and his team were standing right in front of open worm hole (workers thought that agstya and his team were gods because agastya appeared to them in the form of bright light). They were astonished, agstya said his team to return back through the same way through the portal. They went quickly inside and the portal and it closed. Agastya and his team had returned to the tunnel. But it seemed to be different. The tunnel was renovated with lights and is life supportive. He don’t know what is happening. There was no portal opened this time. Some lady called him 
“Agastya where are you…I have been searching for you everywhere.. Come with me”, said that lady.

Agastya: who are you?

Lady: Come on agastya stop it…you have a meeting in an hour with minister

Agastya: What are you talking about and what is this place. See mam whatever, I’m not the person who you are thinking about..I and my team are in complete confused state.

Lady: Stop it, act like a minister okey.

She looked towards agastya’s students and said ” provide good security…”. And took agastya to the meeting hall in the tunnel.

Agastya was made to sit on the chair. There was a news paper in front of him. He looked at it and was shocked to see that he was a minister and there is conference to be held on that day about terrorist attacks. To his surprise the date and day was same but his surroundings were different. His team were waiting outside. While the meeting is going on, he ran at the door to find his team. He went to his team and said.

Agastya: You are not going to believe what is happening.!!!

Student 2: Yes sir we do, just look at our surroundings. This technology is far different from our technology.

Student 1: I’m a reporter here sir.

Agastya: My god…what is happening..we are in parallel universe students. 

They don’t know what to do. Meanwhile the time had stopped. Agastya looked at his surroundings and everyone paused.Then a worm hole appeared on the floor where they are standing. They jumped in it and travelled to thier place. They finally reached to the present time.They were exactly at the exit point to the tunnel. 

His students started to run away from him towards the entrance. Agastya sat down and started to laugh. He had no idea what is going on with him. He got up and started to run. After few minutes, he reached the point where all teams were seperated. 

Meanwhile krithi started to read the book. The book was written in ancient Sanskrit by the king.

The story goes like this…

This universe is created by Lord bramha. It is designed in a way that the existence of universe is one whole day of bramha(4.17 billion years). Our earth is pursuing half of bramha’s day (i.e.,2.02 billion years). But the problem lies in worlds he created. There are some loop holes which draws parallel universe to a point of singularity. While this process, the nature causes destruction. To avoid to phenomenon god himself have originated on earth. We call him with different names. He divided the cycle into four yuga’s, they are satya yuga, treta yuga, dwapara yuga and kaliyuga. After the completion of the cycle, nature resets to the first yuga. To control the nature, lord Vishnu had himself comes to earth in different avatars. Present we are passing through kaliyuga and Vishnu will appear in the form of kalki (he will be born in Shambala village to a priest family which is presently situated in tibet)to end this yuga.  But sadly the world is weakened by human beings, by their sin’s(atomic explosions, nuclear plants etc.,). This had led the earth to open extra-dimensional portals. If there will be a singularity, then there is no universe left. The caution was first given by extra terrestrial beings who had visited this world from another dimension. To end this intersection of worlds, there rised the power to control this process beneath the earth. The world beneath is called as Agartha , where the power is present. It was protected by other kind of human race. But to raise the power to control destruction, only human can do it. The rituals are performed by the power itself in the form of human body.

I was a ruthless king in my time. I regret for that. When I made the robbery, I had entered into a secret tunnel which I thought will lead me to my palace. But I had entered into another world. I didn’t know where I’m and never expected that I’m in another world. There after one hour of my journey, I met some beings who are slightly different from our human race. They took me to the king of that place, when I had entered the palace, there was a complete different atmosphere than our’s. I thought that it is another civilization which I didn’t know.  But the trees are different, humans are different and even some animals are there which I had never seen before. Then I had met the king, he offered me food which I had never ate before. I asked him where am I ?. Then he took me to some temple and made me realise that I’m in another world called Agartha, which is beneath the earth surface. The priest there said me the whole story and said that for every one year of their time period, god will send one human being from another world which is above us to perform this rituals. Then after that, I had rested in their palace. Soon the pooja had started. They took me inside the temple. I started to suprise , because It was full of jewels, diamonds and other materials. After that I passed through three rooms which is not possible for anyone in the absence of the priest. Then when the next door opened I lost my memory. The only thing I remembered was I was back to the tunnel naked. I don’t know what had happened. But I had a daimond type object in my hand which is actually another substance from that world. Then I started to walk to exit,  but when I came out, i realised that i was at konark. But the world was completely different. The ruins of the temple made me realise that I have travelled through time. I went back into the tunnel and had ended up in this village. I don’t know what had happened, I have completely changed. The villagers have accepted me. Then I saw the statue of lord jagannath and I don’t know what happened, I built this temple and placed the diamond beneath the temple somewhere near to the statue of lord Jagannath.

Kaliyuga Charitra (History of the Present)

​​​​​​​​Chapter 9: Starting to unclock.

Agastya and his team were walking in the underground tunnel for past 5 hours.They were so tired to walk and have decided to take break. One of his assistant had saw something like a passage near to corner of the wall. He tried to enter it but he couldn’t. Then he pointed his torch at that passage and discovered a skeleton. He called agastya right that moment. Agastya thought it would be the missing kings skeleton and investigated it. It took only a minute to identify that it’s someone else skeleton. The passage where they found that skeleton is so narrow that a normal person cannot enter. They started to move again. Within few minutes, there were surprised to see that tunnel was divided into 5 sub tunnels of different directions. They split up into 5 groups and decided to explore till they lost contact with each other through walky-talkies.Agastya mentioned Once they lost each other contact, they should return back to the same point. Agastya was with 2 of his students and went into the first tunnel. Remaining followed the other ways. 
After an hour

Student 1: Sir, I think the tunnel is too long..and don’t know where it ends…so its better to get back.

Student 2: Yes sir, he is right.

Agastya: I don’t want to listen to you. Just come on..

Then all of the sudden voices came from agastya’s walky-talky.

” Sir its team 2, there is something sir….whi..which…oh…no.. , we can’t go in there, we’re sorry…aaaah

Agastya felt that they were frightened so that they are making up a story. So he started walking. Very soon, the other three teams quit by telling him with frightening reasons like (team 3) they experienced poisonous air which left one of their team mate to death, (team 4)they found a wall of bunch of dead skeletons & (team 5) they were met with a dead end. While talking with them, one of his student shouted at him 

” Sir, look there…”

They found a spark of light at very far away from them. They quickly went towards that light and discovered that it is an exit to that tunnel. When they got out of it, they were surprised to found themselves right outside the konark temple. 

And the temple seems to be under construction. They were totally shocked.

Agastya: What is this?…where are we?…

Student 1: I know it is kornark but the temple is under construction..!!! It is impossible.

Student 2: Look at these statues, it seems the carving work is on progress.

Agastya was scared and said to them. 

We have travelled back in time..

Kaliyuga Charitra (History of the Present)

​​​​​​Chapter 8: The book by ksha ranga deva.

The night is so cold after a shower initiated by the clouds. Ram was sitting on the couch opposite to krithi and Krishna. Krithi was standing right next to krishna.
Ram: I never thought about this with you krithi!!’s a bit of surprise to me right now.

Krithi: Ram, I don’t know about this feeling…it really hurts a lot when Krishna is not with me.

Ram: Just stop it krithi, I have left my work to protect you by him. 

Krishna: Ram, we are in love..

There was silence occupied between those three.

Ram: Okey, so how to believe in you ?, I don’t trust a thief krithi..

Krishna: Ram..

Ram: I’m not talking to you you understand that.

Krishna: But I have to tell you that I love her…

Ram: You know krishna…even I too love her…madly in love with her..

Listening to this krithi was shocked.

Ram and krishna shouted at each other which lead to a fight. Krithi tried to stop them but failed. Krithi got frustrated and went outside. Krishna went after her and said “Krithi…let’s go from here..he is coming after us..”. Krishna took her with him on jeep. Ram furiously chased them but after sometime, he lost them.

 The night slowly brightened by morning light. The climate is cloudy. Krithi was asleep while krishna was driving. She woke up after a tired sleep and looked at krishna. 

Krithi: Where are you taking me ?

Krishna: To my village krithi..

Krithi: What!!..but, you said I’m not allowed right?..

Krishna: You are now…as my wife..

Krithi: Krishna….I need time for this…

Krishna: Take your time krithi…now its the safest place from everyone and don’t worry..I’m not going to marry you now..just pretend that you are my wife.

Krithi agreed with that. Krishna rode to his village within 2 hours from now. 

The village was deep under the forest. There lies a big entrance with stone carved statues. The surroundings was covered with greenery. The village guards were astonished to see a vehicle from far away and prepared to attack them. Krishna observed this and stopped his vehicle. He got out and shouted loudly with another language at the guard. The guard looked at him closely and waved him. Krishna started his jeep and passed through guards. There lies the beautiful village of Gashyaghar. Sweet little thatched houses with beautiful gardens. There lied a big banayan tree in the center of the village. The villagers were so happy to see krishna. But when krithi got down from the jeep, they were surprised. Krishna greeted everyone and asked for his parents. His father was a preacher. Krishna went to his home with krithi. Before stepping inside his house, his father stopped them and asked krishna angrily.

(The conversation is in the village language

Father: Who is this girl ? 

Krishna: She is my wife father.. I have to marry her without your permission. I’m sorry father.

Krishna’s father looked at krithi and said “You are his should know the traditions of our village first”.

Krishna translated to krithi what his father had said.

They both entered in the house. As krithi entered, she saw a big photograph of Krishna’s brother. Krishna and his father took her to Krishna’s mother. She was a mentally unstable women. She took Krishna’s hand and hugged him thinking that real krishna(krishna’s brother) is back.

Later that day, krishna took krithi to walk. 

Krishna: Krithi, please don’t be like that, everything is gonna be okey.

Krithi: Its not that krishna, I’m thinking about ram.

Krishna: krithi, okey come let me take you to our villages temple.

Krithi: No krishna,I’m not interested.

Krishna: Don’t you want to spend an intresting evening.

Krithi just nodded.Krishna and krithi went there. 

Krishna: Krithi, I’m going to tell you something that you don’t believe. This temple was built by the great king ksha ranga deva.

Listening to this krithi’s spirits were lifted. She was so anxious to know about the temple. 

Krithi: Krishna tell me about everything.

Krishna: Well, you know..the thing is, everything you want is written in a book by the king himself.

Krithi: What!!… But the king was lost for centuries.

Krishna: Well his last days were spent here…in this village 

Krithi had no word to speak. She got stunned.

Krithi: Ca..Can..Can you show me that book..?

Krishna: I’ll show you krithi but don’t ever tell to anyone. Otherwise you will regret.

Krishna took krithi backside the temple. There was a room right below the temple. They entered secretly without anyone’s presence around them. 

Krishna: You know,no one enters this room except the priest. Even my father should not enter. If any one finds about us,then I’m afraid that we have to leave this village permanently.

Krishna opened a door in front of them. There lies the book, which was placed on a throne carved by stone.